Diversity Atlas Newsletter [August 2022]

August was a monumental month for Diversity Atlas! We reflect on the 2022 Equal Employment Opportunity Network’s Fourth Enabling Inclusion and Diversity Summit, discuss an article by our DEI Director covering eight simple DEI exercises, congratulate our business partner, Tali Nates, on receiving an esteemed award, reflect on our participation in the Centre for Cultural Diversity in Ageing virtual event as part of their Diversity Webinar Series and unpack new features to our website and platform, including upcoming events on our diversity calendar and the translation of our surveying platform into two new languages. 


Diversity Atlas Newsletter [July 2022]

This month we are reaching new people all around the globe! We are proud to introduce fifteen new Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) programs, unpack the importance of Environmental, Social and Governing factors, known as ESG, to culturally diverse organisations, and discuss new updates to the platform such as Diversity Atlas’ implementation of the Client Identified Access Management system (CIAM) and survey modification.

Diversity challenges

Managing a multicultural workforce: It is about respect and understanding

In mid-2015, I became the project director of Cultural Infusion (a multicultural workforce). The job settlement happened very quickly and my first project was about developing an educational music app to help kids know more about “Inter-Cultural Understanding”. Back to the time, we had a Learning Strategist from the US, …